Monday, December 3, 2012

Why Am I an AMSOIL Dealer?

I thought I would tell the story of why I am an AMSOIL Dealer.

I purchased my 2003 Ford Diesel pick-up from my Mom in 2005 after my Dad passed away. After the purchase, I started to check out how much an oil change was going to cost me. When I realized that it needed 15 quarts of oil I quickly found out that it was going to cost me more than $75 just to change the oil.

I remembered something about AMSOIL being the a synthetic oil that I should check out. I did some research, and learned that if I used AMSOIL, I wouldn't need to change my oil but just once a year, or 25,000 miles, whichever came first. Some quick calculations showed me that the cost of just one oil change a year verses needing 5, was going to save me some money right away.

I did some more research and found out that people were reporting better fuel mileage when using AMSOIL. I thought, well if that is true, then I will save some more there too.

I changed the oil and put in a regular AMSOIL Air Filter on the truck. My fuel mileage went up 2 miles per gallon. Let me say, that I still only change the oil in my diesel once a year, and I'm now over 129,000 miles.

I've put AMSOIL in all the places that need fluid on the truck. I also use all the AMSOIL filters, including the AMSOIL/InJen Intake cold air intake kit. We use AMSOIL in both of our 2008 Ford Focus', and a 1999 Chevy Suburban also. Since we have 4 vehicles and 4 kids, I don't have time to spend every 5,000 miles under a vehicle changing oil. I usually find a day to knock them out at one time. Then at various times during the year, I get out the grease gun to keep things lubed up. We use AMSOIL grease in the trailer axles, small engine oil in the lawn mowers, 2-cycle oil in the chain saw and weed wacker. I used the AMSOIL Quickshot to clean out a weed wacker someone gave me because he couldn't get it to run after just a couple of uses. He went out and bought a new one, and I used a little Quickshot and it runs like a champ.

Never being one to want to pay full retail for anything, I decided to become a dealer. I knew a couple of others that wanted to buy also, so I thought why not be a dealer and help out my friends also. I never had any intention of growing my business. During my first year, I saw some people really making some good money as Dealers. I decided to make a little extra effort at it and saw some good results. I renewed for 10 years, and started making some effort. I grew my business by trying to be honest and helpful. I found out that if you return phone calls, people generally order. I make a little effort every day to learn my business and stay up to date.

As a dealer, I've grown my business, which has helped us pay some bills when things are tight. I've bought saddles for the horses, and extras for the kids. Most of those things wouldn't be possible without the extra income. I'm by no means getting rich of the AMSOIL income, but it does help off-set a few things.

Use the Online Application Guide to find the products for your vehicles.

If you want to discuss how AMSOIL can help your vehicles, let me know.

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