Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another Year has come and gone. Time to prepare for a new decade is NOW!

Well another year is gone. We at and have had a GREAT year growing our businesses. The opportunity to build a business is still here, and probably more important now than ever. We will continue to grow and serve loyal customers that understand real value.

Anyone looking to build a long term survival plan should educate themselves on the value of using AMSOIL in all their powered equipment. Our full line of 100% Synthetic Lubricants will definitely keep your moving parts moving. I suggest that if you are building a long term food storage system, than build a supply of synthetic lubricants for the long term. The best thing about Synthetics Lubricants from AMSOIL is there is no shelf life if stored properly. If there is a TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) situation, you will find tremendous value in having high quality lubricants in your supplies. The ability to lubricate hand tools and just about any other metal part or item will be even more necessary. Think about long term storage of your vehicles. AMSOIL products are equipped with rust preventers that will prove invaluable when you have an engine sitting for long periods. The value of using AMSOIL in your vehicles begins now. Imagine only changing your oil once a year or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. Think of the long term savings. If you call 1-877-760-9048 I will help with product recommendations for your specific vehicle. Or if you would prefer go to the Amsoil Online Application Guide, or go to the Amsoil Store to research the products. If you go to my website, Husker Synthetics you can learn about many of the products also. If you use grease, I strongly suggest checking out the AMSOIL grease selections. Our Series 2000 Racing grease is used by several commercial lawn care companies in their mowers. They tell me that the grease is not throuwn out of the bearings with AMSOIL like had been with the conventional grease.

Don't forget to plan now for your spring and summer garden. Aggrand natural fertilizers are your best source for fertilizer that will not harm you or your land. If you are looking for a product that is: 1. Excellent results on flowers, fruits, vegetables, lawns, trees, and crops, 2. Effective as either a foliar feed or soil application, 3. Demonstrated performance in the commercial fruit and vegetable market, 4. Enhances plant vigor which contributes to disease and stress resistance 5. Convenient liquid concentrate, then Aggrand is right for you.

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer uses hydrolyzed fish solubles. Fish solubles are extracted through low temperature processes from Menhaden fish which were used by Native Americans for centuries to grow their crops. Menhaden comes from the word "munna whaleaug" which means "that which manures." Menhaden ocean fish feed on mineral rich plankton, which makes them full of essential nutrients. The fish are steamed slowly at 190° F, which preserves the amino acids, minerals and vitamins. The fish is then broken down into smaller components with enzymes (hydrolysis). The fish component in AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer supplies N-P-K and 10 micronutrients, as well as a number of vitamins and amino acids. Bloodmeal and sulfate of potash are combined with the fish to boost the nutrient levels in AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer. Together, the kelp, fish, bloodmeal and sulfate of potash provide all of the elements needed to grow healthy, vigorous plants. In addition to these ingredients, a number of other natural additives are included that condition the soil, reduce transplant shock and chelate the nutrients. Chelated nutrients are protected against leaching into the groundwater and are readily available for plant uptake. AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer provides beautiful, healthy plants and super yields of high quality, nutritious vegetables, fruits and field crops.

If your long term solution includes making what you have last longer then AMSOIL is the obvious choice. We are the dealer to get you started with your long term plan. If your long term solution also includes a garden then Aggrand is your choice for growing healthy vegetables.

Don't forget to purchase your heirloom seeds from Big John Lipscomb at There really is no better source for the basic seeds to get you going.



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