Sunday, November 25, 2012

AMSOIL Testimonial - Cold Weather Start

I wanted to tell you about an event that happened to my family and I when first using AMSOIL. It was back in 1992 and a friend introduced me to an AMSOIL Dealer near home, and it only took him a minute to turn me on to AMSOIL. I switched my brand new 1992 Subaru over at 5,000 miles and that winter my family and I were on a ski trip to Bretton Woods, NH located across from Mt. Washington.
The temperature that Saturday morning was below zero while we sat in the breakfast room of Carlson's motor lodge and Mr. Carlson explained to us that the tow-truck was stuck -- he couldn't get his engine started. And so, we bundled up after breakfast, went outside where we found at least a foot of newly fallen snow on top of a foot that fell on Friday and a few of us shoveled out a path to our drivers side doors. There must have been at least 8 to 10 cars, trucks, vans, etc., in the lot. Everybody ended up with dead batteries except me. I got in, turned the key without pressing the accelerator, and the starter was whining, then turned it off, then tried again without pumping any gas and on the second try, it started. It was very quiet at the time and the people that were still out there came running over to see how I started my engine. I simply pointed to my AMSOIL stickers and said that is the only reason why my engine turned over. They were all in disbelief. I let the engine run while we packed up and off we drove to the ski area.
Even though we only took a couple of runs that day, it was much too cold no matter how well you were dressed but, we were delighted to know that we could start the engine and forever are grateful to AMSOIL. It could have been a circumstance of far more importance and from that time on we have been driving with confidence knowing that AMSOIL is under the hood.
Thank you again.
Douglas C. Oliveira

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