Friday, March 12, 2010

I guess Jerry doesn’t like me anymore.

I was both amused and disturbed when Jerry, my former high school American Government teacher and former Facebook friend replied to me regarding his "un-friending" me. I read his response to my 14 year old daughter. She found a lot of humor in his response. Daughter said that he really has no idea who her father is...
Below is Jerry's response. I am sure that if he decides to read this blog he may become angry that I am sharing, but frankly after reading this you will see why I don't care.
"I am no longer your teacher so while you are proof of the fact that I encouraged my students to think for themselves, I do not care to hear your dangerous, ill-informed, racist views. You don't have to share my views, but guess what, I don't have to share or dignify yours either. The dogma that you are spouting is creating a country of dissension, hate, and bigotry and I certainly don't want to have it displayed on my fb pages."
Here is my response to Jerry: "Thank you very much for the name calling. You have not seen or heard from me in nearly 30 years, and make judgments about me based on a posting on Facebook. My 14 year old daughter found your reply to me humorous. She told me that you really do not know me. How now do I explain to my 4 children that people with diverse and opposing views can be civil with one another and have meaningful debate? I guess tolerance for differing viewpoints have no place in your world. Don't worry, I do not expect a reply, nor will I make future contact with you as it appears that you have made up your mind about me. If you do however wish to see a longer list of my diverse beliefs, you can go to my blog I pray that you have had a good life and continue to do so."
I would love to know which of my beliefs are "dangerous, ill-informed, and racist." Since it seems that I won't be hearing from Jerry again, I guess that I will never know.
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