Friday, November 16, 2012

AMSOIL Testimonial

Dear Jeremy and Everyone at AMSOIL,


I had to write you to share my findings. We received our 2006 IQ race sled in October and began testing and prep for the 05-06 race season. Prior to that Kristen had been using her 2004 Pro X for a practice sled on the wood chip track.
As you know Kristen won 2 points Championships, a world championship, and multiple races on that sled. Since then the sled has been drag raced, trail rode, and used on the chip track. I always did routine maintenance and prep work. I've had the chain case apart, suspension apart and rebuilt the shocks multiple times. I have used AMSOIL products exclusively on this machine since new. Chain case Lube, suspension grease, shock oil, and engine oil. Starting with the series 2000, then Dominator. After every race I would check over the entire sled and never found any component broken or damaged due to a lubrication problem.
Compression and scope checks shown the engine sound and strong so I never had it apart. Now after two years of pounding that sled I thought I'd better rebuild it. Running the sled on the chip track and dirt was sure to have caused some scoring and wear, even though compression checks showed no changes.

Well, I tore the whole sled apart. engine, chain case, suspension, I've checked bearing, bushings, gears, chains and all internal engine parts. Other than a little scuffing on the intake side of the piston skirt, nothing wore, no extra play in bearings and everything was within tolerance. I credit this to AMSOIL lubricants. No other products have been used in this sled. Once again, AMSOIL products not only proved their durability, but exceeded my expectations. Just by our choice in lubrication, we boosted our performance, increased the reliability, and protected the components of our sled.

Thanks AMSOIL for the quality product that does more than advertised.


Brian Leirmoe

PMK Performance Racing

AMSOIL 2-Cycle Oil
AMSOIL Suspension Fluid

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