Friday, January 2, 2009

Nebraska Football

Ok, I know you are asking what does football have to do with Amsoil? On the surface it has nothing to do with football. But running a business is much like football, or any other sport for that matter. Watching the Nebraska Cornhuskers play and ultimately defeat the Clemson Tigers reminded me of the similarities between sports and business. If you are running a business (as I am), while also working another job (as I am), raising a children (as I am), and married (as I am), it takes balance and commitment. All of these things by themselves are time consuming and require commitment if you are to be successful. College football also requires the types of commitment for the student athletes. It takes hard work and patience to win football games. When I think about the time these student athletes spend just preparing for football, I wonder how they ever have time for the student part of the equation. I know that the University of Nebraska has an excellent program to assist students athletes by providing tutors, and study help. I know that some of these student athletes do not take full advantage of these learning assistance programs, but the ones that do will recieve a top notch education and have a foundation for success. Running an Amsoil/Aggrand business is much the same. Business requires long hours of commitment to build success. Amsoil provides excellent dealer support through training and technical assistance. Sponsor dealers provide training and support for down-line dealers to help them build success and motivation. We as business owners know that perseverance is important to weather the difficult times that come with any business. Perseverance will be rewarded when the hard work is put into your business. Every business owner I know talks about the lean times, and how they are better business owners because they learned the most in those times.

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