Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The AMSOIL Revolution

There was a time when AMSOIL INC. was the only player at the table holding a synthetic motor oil card. We were an unconventional newcomer to a totally conventional club. We were the maverick. Our new oil threatened to shake up the industry, and there was absolutely no support for a 25,000-mile oil drain recommendation.
Beyond that, our direct sales approach to marketing motor oil had never been seen before. To say we faced obstacles is a major understatement. Despite all the push-back, we made it work. Our Dealers found AMSOIL customers. People were drawn to the quality of the product. They cared about their vehicles and recognized that our oil could have significant impact on the performance and longevity of equipment. They were willing to pay for quality. Others appreciated the extended-drain potential. It was convenient, cost-effective and lessened the environmental burden.
In virtually all cases, these AMSOIL customers were do-it-yourselfers. They changed their own oil, and in many cases the exceptional performance they received from AMSOIL motor oil carried over to other applications as our product line continued to grow.
This all holds true today. A great deal of our marketing effort is directed at the do-it-yourself audience. We advertise heavily in power sports magazines, including those dedicated to the off-road, motorcycle, marine and snowmobile markets. We dovetail that with our racing program, and our event sponsorships are focused on do-it-yourselfers, as well. We target diesel pick-up owners, engine builders, classic car owners and a whole host of specialty groups that are committed to performance and dedicated to maintenance.
These do-it-yourself customers fit our profile perfectly, and Dealers continue to find great success in these markets. And while the do-it-yourself market remains tailor-made for AMSOIL and continues to offer tremendous potential, that is not to say the landscape isn’t evolving. Today’s sophisticated engine designs and busy lifestyles are forcing people from their own garages to the garages of their local installers.
Fewer people are changing their own oil, and penetrating the installer market should be a primary focus for Dealers. Every Dealer should have at least one installer to send his or her do-it-for-me customers to. Preferred Customers, too, may see potential in this market and view it as an opportunity to jump-start their own AMSOIL businesses.
The company is well-positioned for the challenge. Our XL and OE motor oils were introduced specifically to break down the installer market barriers. Gone now are the API warranty concerns and drain interval hurdles.
The oils are priced competitively with other synthetic oils and offer generous profit margins for installers. They also cover the full range of oil change intervals recommended by auto manufacturers and satisfy the increased demands for customer convenience.
We have a lot of work to do, and with the determination of our Dealers I am confident we will get the job done. We introduced the world to synthetic automobile oil. We broke through the once impenetrable 3,000-mile drain interval. We led the way in improving the quality of lubrication throughout the industry. And now it won’t be long before AMSOIL motor oil is the synthetic oil of choice for installers from coast-to-coast.
A.J. “Al” Amatuzio
President and CEO, AMSOIL INC.

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