Monday, April 13, 2009

New garden beds to show effectiveness and safety of using Aggrand Natural Fertilizers

This past weekend, my 12 year old son and I built 3 new 10x5 raised garden beds to add to our current 60x5 bed. After getting them built, we lined the bottom with paper to attempt to hold the grass underneath at bay. We filled the beds with a combination of peat moss and fresh top soil.

It is always a great experience when working with my children in the garden. I believe that I am teaching my children to never worry about going hungry. If you can grow a garden you can have food to eat.

After getting the garden built we planted potatoes, onions and garlic in one of the beds, potatoes, onions and spinach in the second, and seeds of carrots, lettuce, beets, broccoli, spinach and turnips in the third bed. Most of the seeds are heirloom seeds that I picked up from Big John Lipscomb - Survivalist Seeds. They provided great service and shipped the seeds very quickly. I cannot recommend Big John highly enough.

We also planted strawberries and asparagus plants for the first time. We have been gardening for many years, but this year we just wanted to expand the garden to be prepared for anything that may happen.

We used Aggrand Natural Fertilizer in the water when we watered everything. We combined the Aggrand 4-3-3 Fertilizer with Aggrand Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash 0-0-8 in our water cans to give everything a good soak. I forgot to mention that my soon to be 4 year old daughter and soon to be 2 year old son helped with the fertilizer duties. I would not have allowed her to help if this fertilizer wasn't as safe as it is on people and the environment. Working in the garden is a family affair since everyone benefits from the vegetables grown.

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