Monday, December 29, 2008

New opportunities for the new year.

Hello, As I have reviewed the developments of new products and facilities at Amsoil, I am amazed. Amsoil moved into the new production facility in Superior, WI. They introduced several new products and partnered with Injen for a new line of outstanding intake systems. I was able to tour the new production facility in June during the 35th Anniversary Convention. The technology used in this facility to increase production and efficiency is a testament to the continued "Commitment to Excellence" that Amsoil has prescribed to since its' beginning. Amsoil introduced new racing oils. These are oils that are used on the track, and all of them are available for anyone that wants to use them. One of my dealers used them in his race car this year and had great results. New diesel additives were added to help with keeping diesel flowing during cold weather. In fact the recently added "Diesel Recovery" will make your gelled diesel flow again. Aggrand production has increased also. Amsoil converted the old oil production facility entirely to making and packaging Aggrand Liquid Natural and Organic fertilizers. Two of the products, 4-3-3 Liquid Fertilizer, and the 0-0-8 Liquid Kelp and Sulfate of Potash were approved for use in organic food production and meeting the USDA National Organic Program. Dealers are continuing to see growth in their personal businesses. It seems that as the economy gets tight, more consumers are seeing the value in using a product that extends drain intervals, and provides reduced wear. I have several customers reporting increased fuel mileage and more power once they switched to Amsoil. One of my customers, a North Carolina lawn care company, reported that he could not believe the difference he noticed after just changing the oil. Arron Clark, a dealer in Sedalia, CO, told me how his vehicles and equipment started in sub-zero temperatures when others were shut down. If you need information, or would like to discuss using Amsoil in your vehicles and equipment, please feel free to contact me at 1-877-760-9048 or You can also view my website,

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