Friday, August 6, 2010

Small Business Drives the Economy!

As you know I am an AMSOIL  and AGGRAND  Dealer. I use the income from these two outstanding products to supplement my income. In the past the extra income has helped pay for new saddles, camping supplies, gardening seeds and plants etc. This extra income has really helped a lot in these tough times. Just proving that small business owners like myself are recycling money back into the economy.

Please help support this blog by learning more about AMSOIL   and how it can help you save money, save time, and help all your vehicles and motorized items last longer. AMSOIL  even has an approved food safe grease that will help preppers with their food prep equipment.

Did you know that when you use Miracle Grow you are supporting Monsanto? AGGRAND  Natural Organic Fertilizers are the safest alternative to use. Natural Fertilizers do not pollute the ground water and stimulate natural enzymes and micro-organisms in the soil. This results in healthy lawns, gardens and crops.

AMSOIL  and AGGRAND  are sold by independent Dealers like me. Even if you follow the links on this page to purchase the products, I still get credit for the sale of the products. If you want to save on all of your purchases, follow this link to join as a AMSOIL Preffered Customer or AGGRAND Preferred Customer . Either way you sign-up you will save on both AMSOIL and AGGRAND with the same Preferred Customer Account.

Remember, it is small business that drives our economy.

If you own a small business, farm or ranch you can sign-up as a Commercial Account. There are no fees to sign-up, and you could receive discounts on large orders. Contact me at  to receive more information.

If you have a Store, and want to carry the products on the shelf, we have an account for that also. There is no cost to get that set up, just a little paperwork. Just like the Commercial Account, you are eligible for shipping discounts based on the quantity ordered.

You can check out my websites,  to see more about the products I believe in.

I encourage you to contact me for more information at  Give me your contact information and I will get you the information you need to make an informed choice.

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