Monday, October 22, 2007

Network Marketing Opportuity for the 21st Century

Whether you're interested in simply purchasing AMSOIL products at wholesale prices or starting your own independent business, AMSOIL has an opportunity for you. The AMSOIL business opportunity is designable to meet your needs. You can operate strictly as an internet based company, or you can expand it to meet your needs and experience. The AMSOIL business is excellent for all people of all cultural and racial backgrounds. In fact there are successful female dealers as well as male dealers. There are no limits to your potential. By default, demand of AMSOIL products affords Amsoil dealers unlimited success. AMSOIL Dealership Opportunities in 2007 provide you with the ultimate dynamic home business opportunity. For 35 years AMSOIL dealers have benefited from the cutting edge innovation of industry "Firsts," which points consumers our way from every direction. AMSOIL will always offer your customers something unique. Take charge of your future now. Sales based on product knowledge and personal experiences of our dealers in our group for months of April, May & June 2007 generated an average total of $85,000.00 in sales each month. This is the best small business opportunity. you don't have to spend Thousands to get started. We sell to our neighbors, motorcycle owners, retailers, construction companies, carpet cleaners, florists, couriers, farms, city fleet and more. The only secrete is it takes lots of hard work, patience dedication and the ability to answer the phone and return calls in a professional manner. You will be more successful when your tough questions are answered and you know where to go to be keyed into the demand. That's what I help you do. All the knowledge AMSOIL and the industry has presented over the years will be made available to you. Our dealers' customers know they can depend on them for answers. We share all our leads with our dealers who are wanting to grow aggressively. This gives you a customer base to work with and teaches you the necessary skills needed to converse with customers. The AMSOIL data sheets are the best tool for learning about the products. Interviews in AMSOIL's Action News (monthly magazine) show that the majority of top dealers all started with very little or no lubricant knowledge. When you are ready to dig in and do the hard work every day you will succeed. My success is a result of putting in many hours each day and keeping in close contact with my dealers and preferred customers. Now more dealers are taking our advice regarding website creation and basic internet marketing. It's not that bad if you follow a few tips. Update: If you really want to do well for your income and you are considering becoming an AMSOIL dealer full time please schedule in to join me at the special 2008 AMSOIL 35th Anniversary Convention in Duluth, MN. It will cost you $124.00 and includes a 2-1/2 day core technology training course for all new dealers plus a product rebate bonus for showing up. The date to reserve is July 15th through the 19th. Everyone uses motor oils. Synthetics have had a recent market growth of 17%. Since 1972 AMSOIL has held the reputation as the highest quality producer of synthetic lubricants in the industry and the only synthetic oil product which actually increases performance. In the last three years AMSOIL's market share has grown more than the last 25 making the Superior, WI plant the largest single producer of synthetic lubricants in the industry. In motorcycle lubricants alone AMSOIL has 14% of the market. 2-million gallons of storage tanks can't keep up with growth. AMSOIL is always expanding. Do your own research. The name is legendary. Who should I join if I want to become a AMSOIL Dealer? Can't I just sign-up on the AMSOIL Corporate website and be directly under AMSOIL? You can sign up on the AMSOIL corporate website but dealers can only be sponsored (signed-up) by other active AMSOIL dealers. This means if you join on the corporate site you will be assigned a sponsor randomly. Call or email me and I will discuss this topic further or please ask for my recent newsletters on the AMSOIL/AGGRAND products and marketing info. Throughout 2006, AMSOIL has created even more training tools to make you sharp on product benefits. The annual AMSOIL U, spring and Fall sales tours have created enormous impact but the most effective tool outside of the training is our new narrated power-point presentations.

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