Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Message From the President of AMSOIL

It is hard to believe it has been nearly 40 years since we sent our original 10W-40 Motor Oil off to Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas to be tested against American Petroleum Institute (API) service requirements. It was July 1972 and they tested our oil in 1970 and 1971 Oldsmobile engines. The confirmation letter we received from Southwest indicated that our “test results numerically met or exceeded API  Service Classification SE engine test  targets.” My research on synthetic oil had begun much earlier, but that testing we did in 1972 established us firmly as The First in Synthetics.”
Southwest Research is one of the largest and most advanced testing facilities in the world. With more than 3,000 employees, it sits on a 1,200-acre site and boasts more than two million square feet of office and laboratory space. Their research extends across a full range of disciplines, including, among many, chemical engineering, marine technology, geochemistry, engineering mechanics and, of course, fuels and lubricants. We use Southwest on a regular basis to generate test results for us.
Selling synthetic motor oil was much more difficult in 1972 than it is today. AMSOIL was alone in the effort. Then, with the introduction of Mobil 1 in 1974, the job became slightly easier. Mobil invested millions in advertising, and the motoring public became exposed to an expanded base of education.
Today, the variables driving the demand for synthetics have never been greater. Advances in engine and component technology, along with the push for improved fuel economy, are leading that drive. Each year, automakers are requiring synthetic lubes in more of the vehicles that are rolling off their assembly lines.
We faced another obstacle in 1972. Our original 10W-40 Motor Oil was so good it carried a 25,000-mile extended oil drain interval recommendation. It was revolutionary and flew in the face of the hard-line 3,000-mile oil change standard. But this too is changing. Automakers, lubricant manufacturers and environmental groups are all calling for longer drain intervals. It is most apparent in California, where an aggressive campaign is imploring motorists to resist unnecessary 3,000-mile oil changes. With data indicating that nearly half of California drivers are still changing their oil at 3,000 miles, California is desperate to dispel the myth. According to the numbers, changing motor oil at the auto manufacturers’ current recommendations would reduce motor oil consumption in California by 10 million gallons a year. The only barrier to total acceptance of longer drain intervals comes from the installer market. And they are fighting a losing battle.
Through it all, AMSOIL has held true to its values and has remained the leader in synthetic lubrication and extended drain technology. Our reputation is established and our commitment to quality has never been compromised.
Which brings me to a final point. The recognition AMSOIL products have received has been earned through their performance. Our recent partnership with the racing division of Briggs & Stratton serves as an example. Briggs & Stratton, for those who don’t know, is the world’s largest manufacturer of small engines. Their partnership with Valvoline ended and AMSOIL was asked to develop technology to satisfy the extreme demands of their kart racing engines. They needed high-viscosity wear protection, along with low-viscosity power and efficiency. We delivered.
The partnership with Briggs & Stratton is 100 percent positive in all respects. Our connection to this world-leading engine builder further expands the awareness of our brand. It locks in our quality message and opens new doors for AMSOIL Dealers in the extremely diverse small-engine market. This partnership sets us apart even further from other synthetic oils, which is especially critical as the competition among synthetics increases.
We can ask ourselves, would we rather see a different logo on the Briggs & Stratton/AMSOIL 4T Synthetic Racing Oil label? How about Lucas? Maybe Mobil, Red Line or Pennzoil? Of course not.

A.J. “Al” Amatuzio President and CEO, AMSOIL INC.

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