Monday, March 8, 2010

Home from California

We arrived home after being in California for a week. My wife's father passed away and we went out for the funeral and to celebrate his life. Most people think California is full of crazy wacko people. In fact there are plenty of them, but there are more hard working ranchers and farmers on the left coast than most will admit.

Our family is one such family of ranchers. We enjoy spending time with family. It is always great to watch our kids spend time with all their cousins, running and playing. They don't realize the skills they are building when they are playing all those fun games.

My wife's father was a hard working fun loving family man. He loves his family and was never ashamed to admit it. I think I broke his heart when I took his daughter away with me to follow my job. I am not sure that he ever forgave me. I do know that he really loves the grandchildren we gave him.

Anyway, we are home in Nebraska again. Both of us are back at our jobs and preparing for summer. Rest in peace Papa Corky.

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