Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nobody is reading this blog

I have been writing this blog for some time now. It appears that nobody is reading this blog, and only one person, my devoted bride is a subscriber. It seems that this blog is becoming self-serving.

I believe that my ideals of becoming self reliant are more important now than ever. I believe that finding new ways to generate income to provide more for you and your families. I also believe that I am required to teach others how to do the same.

Here are some of the things I believe, and will continue to write about. If you believe these also, then subscribe to this blog. Comment on the posts. Click the Google ad links ( you don't have to buy anything) so that I can earn a few cents from each click.

I believe in no particular order:

We all have a responsibility to our families and neighbors to be a good person.

I believe we must care for our land in a way that will keep it alive.

We need to maintain all of our tools.

We should not spend more than we make, or purchase what we don't truly need.

We all need to grow a garden in times of plenty to be prepared for time of insufficiency.

Family is only second to GOD.

We need to hone the skills that our Grandparents knew about self sufficiency and self reliance.

I believe in one GOD!

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