Monday, November 9, 2009

Opportunities Abound

There are limitless opportunities to help yourself.

The Kansas City Star recently vilified an acquaintance of ours because he is selling products that will help you become self reliant regardless of the economic/political climate. There is a movement on becoming more self-reliant and prepared for anything. Some call it the "Survivalist" or "Homestead" movement. There are some in the media that want to act like this is something new, but it has actually been around for a very long time. There are several messages to be taken from the movements, but I take that everyone must be prepared for whatever comes at us. We all must seek opportunities to become more self-reliant and not dependant on someone else to take care of us, especially not the government.

Seek out a home based business opportunity to generate more income. Plan now for a spring garden. Learn self-defense techniques. Learn about the natural world so that you can take advantage of all that is avaialbe to you. Learn why the use of chemicals is not always the safest way to live your life and grow your food. Learn how to maintain your vehicle so you can save money.

I can help you with learning about a home based business. I sell and use AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants and Filters in all my vehicles because it is proven to extend the life of my vehicles and equipment. I sell and use Aggrand Natural Fertilizers on my lawn and Garden. I can help you start and grow a business of your own selling these two product lines for a very low cost. It costs less than $50 per year to have the rights to sell both of these product lines.

Check out Big John Lipscomb for your heirloom seeds for your food. You can also read Big John's blog at it will open your eyes to what is going on.

Did I mention that I believe in life long learning. I strongly recommend reading which will expand your mind and keep it active long into the future.

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