Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Set yourself free!

I cannot believe all the crap I see and hear every day. Too many people are depending on someone else to help them out of the trouble they are in. Can you actually imagine waiting for the government to come rescue you from anything? Other than the local fire and rescue department, no other government agency is prepared to help you. In some cases, even the local fire and rescue dept. is even prepared with proper training or equipment. I digress…

Are you having trouble making ends meet because of job loss or being "under-employed?" Stop waiting for someone else to take care of you… and start taking care of yourself. Start your own business and become self reliant. Grow your own garden and store your own food. Just do something!

I receive calls from potential new dealers and customers that cannot see the value of using and selling AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and Aggrand Natural Fertilizers.

Do you really want to change your oil every 3 months or 3000 miles, or would you rather change your oil once a year? Do you want to have your vehicle last well beyond previous expectations and piss off the car dealer because you don't need to trade in your vehicle? Why not put a product in your vehicles and equipment that is backed up by test data that is available for you and everyone else to see? Try to find comparable test data from the "mainstream" oil companies. Believe me when I tell you that it isn't available, and what you can find is very limited.

Most mechanics will tell you that you should never leave your oil in your car for one year. Why do you think they tell you this? One reason is they want to see you back in their shop on a regular basis so they can make more money off of you, and they can't do that if you do not see them every 3 months. Part of it comes from seeing conventional oil coming out of a vehicle thick and black after just 3000 miles. But AMSOIL is anything but conventional. Why do the shops that service vehicles always put the little sticker for you to return at 3000 miles, when most vehicle manufacturers recommend 5000 to 7500 mile intervals?

I am not saying that you don't need to do all your regular maintenance. You of course still need to rotate your tires, check fluid levels, and check all the non-lubricated wear items.

Why not use an easy to apply liquid NATURAL FERTILIZER on your lawn and garden? Do you really think that you plants (yes, your lawn is a large concentration of grass plants) need to have fast top growth with no supporting root structure? Why would you put chemicals on the ground where your children and pets play? Would you ever put these chemicals inside your own house? Do you ever think that your pets are bringing those same chemicals you spread on your lawn and garden into your house?

Imagine being free of the big chemical companies grip when you have a healthy sustainable lawn and garden. A garden is your biggest ticket to freedom no matter the economic climate. Growing a garden is not difficult, yes a little labor intensive at times, but not difficult.

You can purchase seeds from an acquaintance of mine. He is who I purchased seeds from. http://www.survivalistseeds.com Big John also has an excellent blog you can check out at http://www.bigjohnlipscomb.blogspot.com When you purchase seeds be sure to tell him that Mike at All Natural Fertilizer sent you.

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