Wednesday, November 7, 2007

AMSOIL Products Improve Fuel Economy

AMSOIL products improve fuel economy for all types of vehicles. For optimum fuel efficiency, install AMSOIL ATF and AMSOIL Gear Lubes along with AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil. AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants provide increased lubricity, allowing moving parts to move more easily and creating less friction. Additionally, the imperfect, randomly-shaped molecules in petroleum oils create additional friction as they try to pass eachother in the oil stream. Synthetic oils are naturally more lubrous. Their uniform molecules glide easily against one another, further reducing friction and increasing fuel efficiency. Add AMSOIL diesel additives and AMSOIL Ea or Donaldson Endurance filters and improve operational efficiency even further. Not only do AMSOIL products provide the ultimate in protection and performance, they do so while improving business owners’ bottom line by improving fuel economy and reducing downtime. Check out your Independent AMSOIL Dealer's Website

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